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Houston TX No Exam Life Insurance

Have any questions regarding Houston TX no exam life insurance policies? Did you want to skip the hassle of having to take a medical exam while applying for insurance? There are several insurance plans that could fit into that category.

If you have any specific questions regarding your options, contact an insurance agent. The experts at Best Life Insurance Houston Agency are happy to sit down and discuss any concerns you have.

There are several insurance plans that don’t require a medical exam. Some will substitute the exam with a few questions regarding your health and hobbies instead; others waive the entire affair altogether. Which one would benefit you and your family the most will depend on your situation.

Houston TX No Exam Life Insurance

Houston TX No Exam Life Insurance

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Most insurance plans require taking a medical examination to apply. It serves as protection for insurance companies since they are working in the risk-management business. Without an in-depth medical exam, they have to limit the amount of coverage they can receive.

They’re factoring in your age, lifestyle choices, and personal and family history when issuing insurance. The more the life insurance companies know about you, the more affordable they can make your insurance.

Medical exams are just health physicals. They confirm the details you provided for the insurance company and may also uncover new information that could affect your premium. Most exams usually only take twenty minutes.

You’ll answer health questions about yourself and your family’s medical history and run basics tests, including a blood draw. These exams will draw the most accurate portrait of your overall health and medical history.

Why is there a medical exam in the first place?

Of course, sometimes insurance that requires a medical exam might not be the best for you. You might need insurance quickly, or you know you won’t be able to get the coverage options you need because you won’t pass the exam. There are still insurance options for you.

You might consider no exam life insurance if you know you live a healthy lifestyle, don’t engage in risky behaviors, don’t have time to schedule a medical exam, or don’t have much time to obtain life insurance. However, even if you do skip the exam, you still need to be honest about your health. Most Houston TX no exam life insurance policies will still give you a health questionnaire to determine if you’re eligible for an insurance policy.

Be reminded that any coverage that skips the exam can be pricier. The advantage, of course, is that the process is quicker than usual. The coverage will vary depending on the policy you end up choosing.

Most will still ask you a basic health questionnaire before making a decision whether to offer you coverage or not. Keep in mind that the truthfulness of what you answer on the questionnaire will affect you getting the policy or the benefit payments.

If you already know in advance that you probably won’t get past even the basic health questionnaire, there is an insurance policy that will accept you regardless. Those are the guaranteed issue life insurance policies. Per the name, even if you have problems with your medical history that will get you denied from other insurance policies, you’re automatically qualified for this type of policy.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Houston TX No Exam Life Insurance

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There are several types of life insurance that fit under the term simplified. And as the name goes, the process is pain-free and fairly simple.

Usually, you’ll fill out a short health questionnaire about yourself. Your chosen insurance company makes a decision. And now you either have or don’t have life insurance.

Now, getting past not taking the medical exam, there are still some choices you need to make. There are few types of simplified issue life insurance policies you could choose from. As with policies that require a medical exam, the main choices are between term and permanent life insurance.

Most term life insurance without medical exams is comparable to traditional life policies. They last for a certain period of time, usually somewhere between 10 to 30 years. The actual length will depend on what you choose that is most beneficial to you and your family. If you don’t have any major health issues and don’t participate in risky hobbies, the insurance company could use your past medical history and your answers to the questionnaire to set your rates.

Permanent life insurance, like whole or universal life insurance, issued with no medical exams, usually comes with low coverage and higher premiums. This option is probably better for older folks in poor health with an urgent need for coverage. Most of these policies only require a phone interview, with most people being approved.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

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Skip the hassle of a medical exam with Houston TX no exam life insurance.

This is a last resort type of insurance policy. As the name implies, everyone and anyone is automatically qualified for guaranteed issue life insurance. So even if your medical history or situation makes it difficult for you to qualify for other policies, you can still fall back on this one if you need life insurance.

However, it does have its cons. Coverage is limited, usually not enough to actually financially protect your family in the long run. Typically, the death benefit is used to cover end-of-life expenses, such as the funeral and burial, small debts, or part of any hospital bills.

Guaranteed issue life insurance also has something called a “graded death benefit.” Long explanation short, it means there’s a waiting period before the policy will go into effect. It could be anywhere between two to three years, and it’s a way to keep people from taking out a policy when they know they’ll be dying soon. If you die before the waiting period is up, your family might not receive the full death benefit.

Is No Exam Life Insurance Worth It?

Traditional life insurance will usually require a medical exam to apply. It’s not usually an issue if you’re in good health, but sometimes that might not be the case. No exam life insurance could be beneficial if you’re short on time or your medical history is barring you from the life insurance you need.

It’ll be more expensive, but it’s less of a hassle. Give us a call today! Check first to see if you qualify for any Houston TX no exam life insurance policies with the experts at Best Life Insurance Houston Agency.

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