Getting Annuities with Best Life Insurance is a wise choice. When it comes to retirement plan terms, sometimes, you need a better explanation. You might have an idea of what it entails but, it doesn’t hurt to get more information on the subject.

With the term annuity, there is much that it entails. So getting a better understanding of the term and all it means is a great thing. The insurance agents at Best Life Insurance can assist in doing that.

If you have more specific questions, you can always ask. Let’s dive a little deeper into Annuities.

What Is An Annuity?

An annuity is a form of payment during a person’s retirement time. During the retirement season in a person’s life, it is likely that they do not have a source of income from a job that they are working. That is part of the point of retiring. But there are still some bills to be paid and living expenses to be covered.

So, there needs to be a way to be able to pay for these expenses. This can be done with the money in an annuity. Annuities were designed exactly for this reason. It is a steady source of “income” for someone in their retirement years. This way, they don’t have to worry about not being able to pay for things on their own.

Annuities are regulated and need to be set up by an insurance company, like us Best Life Insurance. Before the retirement stage, the person would contribute to this account and accumulate money into this account until they are ready to retire.

The contributions can come from any source of income they are earning at the time. But there is a limit to what can be contributed in a year. This amount usually changed on a yearly basis, but it depends. So, when signing up for the account, the limit can be different than in the next couple of years. It is good to ask your insurance agent each year what the limit is. Or you can research it yourself so that you have it in the back of your mind.

There are different kinds of Annuities that one can participate in. At the end of the day, all of the cash in that account goes towards the retirement season of that person.

Types of Annuity

There are different kinds of Annuities that one can participate in. At the end of the day, all of the cash in that account goes towards the retirement season of that person.

There are fixed annuities and variable annuities. These both sound like they could be completely different from each other, but they are not too different. The only difference between the both of them is how the account distributes your money.

Fixed Annuities

With Fixed Annuities, a regular and periodic payment is distributed to you. This can be decided by you and your insurance agent when setting up the account. Or it can be decided once you retire so that you gauge the amount of money you have in the account. It can be distributed to you either monthly or bi-monthly; you and your insurance agent determine this. It is fixed, hence the name.

Variable Annuities

For Variable Annuities, you are allowed to take out larger sums of money from the account at once. So, once you have retired, let’s say you want to take about a large some to pay something off; you are allowed to do that. With this choice, there isn’t a steady flow of money into your hands once you retire.

If you are looking for something that is more steady, a fixed annuity is the best choice.

Most types of Annuities are tax-deferred accounts. This basically means that the money accumulated in the account is tax-free until the time of distribution. The year that a distribution/ withdrawal is made, tax will be paid.

For example, if at the age of 65 you decide to make a withdrawal from this account, you will pay tax on that amount. The way the tax rate is determined is from the tax rate of that year. So, whatever the tax rate in that year is, that will be the same tax rate that you use. You should know that there is also a fixed premium with these accounts.

How do you benefit from an Annuity?

The benefits from an annuity are endless. The reality is, if you don’t have a business that you’re running by the time you are retiring, it is likely you don’t have a source of income. Like we said before, with retirement, you are done working, so there is no way for you to get paid by the company you used to work for.

With that being said, having an annuity allows there to be a source of income without working. That is a huge benefit to anyone who is thinking of retiring and doesn’t have a business.

The money in this account cannot be withdrawn until the age of 59 ½. This is the standard age that the government requires. In addition to this, there is an age at which a minimum withdrawal is required. This age is 72. The whole amount doesn’t need to be withdrawn, just the minimum for that year.

But the something to keep in mind if while you are working, the longer you are contributing to the account, the more money you will have when it’s time to retire. So choosing when you open the account and when you retire are two crucial things.

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Now you have a little more information about Annuities. These accounts can only be created with insurance companies. So, let the best insurance agents in the Greater Houston area assist you in starting up your annuity account.

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