Best Life Insurance Houston provides a full range of personal life insurance plans.

We know that each of us travels on a unique journey in life. That’s why we offer multiple personal life insurance options. From temporary coverage to full life policies and beyond, Best Life Insurance is here to help you.

Our team believes in personalized policies. We begin each consultation by meeting with you and listening to your goals and financial obligations. At Best Life Insurance, we will ensure you receive the best coverage for your needs.

Policies that protect your family’s future

Everything we cherish in life comes with financial needs, from our homes to our family to our transportation. All of us need to pay for at least food, shelter, water, and other basic necessities. However, nearly all families have additional expenses, like those with children, medical conditions, outstanding loans, etc.

When we die, our family inherits our debt. Further, families relying on our income to make ends meet will no longer be able to meet financial obligations.

Life insurance helps cover finances like loans, future savings, medical needs, and other lifestyle needs. In addition, life insurance policies help cover funeral expenses, which are much more costly than most families realize. The type of policy you should choose depends on your family’s needs.

Which personal life insurance is right for you?

Term Life Insurance

Protect your family for a 10-, 15-, or 30-year period. Maximize your total coverage amount at an affordable price.

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Index Universal Insurance

Get permanent coverage that builds cash value over time. Enjoy flexible premiums and tax-free deductions.

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Whole Life Insurance

Choose permanent coverage at a fixed premium. Offers tax-free deductions and excellent cash rewards if you choose to sell.

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Guaranteed Issue Insurance

Be granted coverage for your end-of-life expenses, no matter what health condition you have.

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Special Considerations

Get financial help for special needs children, the critically or terminally ill, foreign nationals, and more.

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Add financial strength for peace of mind

We all have dreams, aspirations, and goals for our feature. We continually reach for the stars. When exciting life events come along, like the birth of your first child or the purchase of a new home, our dreams grow even larger.

We picture ourselves safely guiding our children down their journey to adulthood and proudly watching them conquer their dreams. When we buy a new home, we envision all the new possibilities for our house and think of all the wonderful times we’ll have with our families.

Most of all, we say tell our loved ones to have a good day every morning, knowing they’ll return home safely at night. Unfortunately, our journey does not always go the way we planned. Your life may be cut short, and your family will be shattered.

No one wants to consider the horrifying possibilities we may encounter, and rightfully so. These are not experiences anyone should have to endure. However, we need to consider one aspect: if a family member should pass away unexpectedly, would you be able to take on their financial obligations?

Daily living expenses are high. In fact, many families are unable to set aside part of their paychecks to save. Families often rely heavily or fully on their entire income, be it one or two, to make ends meet. So, if the family suddenly loses even half of their income, they would not be able to meet financial obligations. While no policy can ease the loss of a family member, it can protect your family from financial collapse.

Personalize your life insurance policy

At Best Life Insurance, we often meet new clients during crossroads. Many times, the reason is an exciting one, such as for a new child or home. However, there are times when financial planning is more for practicality.

Many of our clients wonder why or when they should purchase personal life insurance. Here are some common reasons our clients seek life insurance:

  • Welcomed a new child
  • Bought a new house
  • Have outstanding large loans
  • Own a small business
  • Suffer from chronic or terminal illness
  • Care for a special needs child
  • Wish to create cash value

We offer a variety of personal life

Our variety of personal life policies help people in many scenarios. The type of coverage you choose depends on many factors. Further, there are specific benefits to each category.

Term life insurance

  •   Best for new parents, homeowners, small business owners, loan coverage, and more
  •   Available term lengths are 10, 15, and 30 years
  •   Temporary coverage is available
  •   Plans are more affordable than whole life, but rates increase at policy renewal
  •   Fixed-rate, with no ballooning or accumulation
    Immediate payout

Index Universal

  •   Ideal for those seeking whole-life insurance but need flexible payments
  •   Permanent coverage that grows over time
  •   Policy is free from dramatic market fluctuations
  •   Uses deferred tax system, so you enjoy tax-free deductions when it’s time to withdraw
  •   Flexible payment options that allow for the rollercoasters in life
  •   Suitable for adults over the age of 18

Whole Life

  •   Ideal for those looking for cash value or to build coverage
  •   Reliable, permanent coverage at a fixed premium
  •   Offers excellent cash value, should you choose to sell your policy
  •   Provides options for paid additions

Guarantee Issue

  •   Ideal for the terminally ill or elderly seeking help for final-life expenses
  •   Accepts anyone and everyone, no matter what
  •   Covers your final expenses up to 25,000 dollars


Special Considerations

  •   Policies for less common scenarios: Special Needs Trust, HIV Insurance, Living Benefits, Nicotine Alternatives, and Foreign Nationals
  •   Special Needs Trust: Create a nest egg for special needs children with no tax payments
  •   HIV Insurance: Help cover medical costs up to 250,000 dollars
  •   Living Benefits: Family members carrying out their final days can receive payments for their living expenses
  •   Nicotine Alternatives: Clients using an alternative to nicotine can benefit from lower rates.
  •   Foreign Nationals: U.S. citizens living in another country and citizens from other countries living inside the U.S. can enjoy the benefits of life insurance coverage

Our financial professionals can help

Best Life Insurance Houston offers personalized life insurance plans. While there are many different types of life insurance, our wide selection is sure to have a policy to meet your needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our agents.

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