Employee Life Insurance

Simultaneously protect your business and employees

There are many benefits to offering life insurance as an employee benefit. For employers, life insurance can prevent legal battles in accidental death cases. Employees will feel more financially secure if they should pass away.

At Best Life Insurance, we know offering group life insurance as an employee benefit can be a complex decision. It’s an added expense for your business, and you may wonder whether it’s worth the investment.

However, covering your employees with life insurance can benefit your company in many ways. Further, you can use life insurance as an incentive to sign on to your company. Many employees don’t have time to sign up for life insurance policies, so they enjoy the convenience of enrolling through their job.

Our policies keep you covered

We offer multiple group life insurance plans. The plans can be divided into three main groups: term life policies, accidental death and dismemberment, and universal life policies. Each of these plans is designed to help both your company and your employees in different ways.

Term life policies offer your employees life insurance benefits for a specific length of time. Your team can choose from many different types, depending on their situation.

Accidental death and dismemberment plans are designed to protect both you and your employees. Our focus is on providing coverage for on-the-job accidents or incidents that seriously injure an employee.

Term policies at an affordable price

Enrolling in a group life insurance policy allows you to become the policyholder for all of your employees. As the policyholder, you can decide the coverage amount for your team. Our group term policies last one year, and you can choose to renew them afterward.

Most of our clients choose to purchase employee coverage that’s equal to about 10% of their employee’s annual salary. However, we know our clients have unique goals and needs. That’s why our team at Best Life Insurance meets with you to identify the best approach for your company.

Best Life Insurance offers group life insurance options that include basic coverage, supplemental life, and dependent life plans.

Basic term policy

With our basic term coverage, your employees will receive enough coverage for final life costs. You can choose to either pay the total price of the plan or have your employees pay a portion.

Supplemental life

Many employees are satisfied with basic group term life insurance. However, some employees would like to buy additional coverage. Our term policies allow your employees to purchase additional coverage through our supplemental life insurance program. This extra coverage would come at no cost to you.

Dependent life

Employees wishing to cover costs for their children and domestic patterns can enroll in our dependent life plan. As with supplemental life, your employee would pay the additional premiums, so the extra coverage comes at no cost to you.

Financial protection from work accidents & injuries

On-the-job accidents can happen even with the most rigorous safety protocols and procedures. If one of your employees becomes injured working at the job site, who will absorb the costs? Enrolling in a group life insurance plan that covers accidental injuries or deaths can ease the financial burden of employee’s families and your company.

Best Life Insurance offers multiple types of accidental death and dismemberment (ADD) policies. Some of our clients need coverage for highly active workers, like those in construction. However, our other clients may only need to cover employees who remain at their desks nearly all day.

We offer coverage levels that suit every company. Best Life Insurance offers basic, supplemental, dependent, and business travel coverage.

Basic ADD

Our basic plan is available to employers at a low cost and provides employees with the same coverage as their basic life plan. For most employees, the payout would be about 10% of the employee’s annual income.

Supplemental ADD

Like basic term life, most employees are satisfied with basic ADD coverage. However, if your employees wish to purchase more coverage, they can do so at no additional cost to you.

Dependent ADD

Employees with families may want to pay for coverage to help their spouse and children. With the dependent ADD plan, your employee can purchase coverage equal to their dependent term payout, with no cost to you.

Business travel

Now more than ever, companies are connecting at a global level. As your company grows, your employees may frequently travel. You can enroll in our business travel plan to cover costs for accidental death or injury that occurs while your employee is traveling.

Benefits of enrolling in group life insurance

At Best Life Insurance, we know it’s critical to justify company costs. Enrolling in a group life insurance program can seem like an added cost that won’t give a good return. However, even basic life insurance coverage can dramatically help grow your business.

Our clients commonly find:

  • Employees feel protected from huge costs should they get injured on the job.
  • Employees enjoy the convenience of paying for insurance through company payroll deductions.
  • As executives, they feel more protected from high liability costs due to accidents on the job.
  • The cost of offering employees life insurance benefits is affordable.
  • Potential hires become more interested in the job when a company offers life insurance benefits.
  • When an ADD does occur, premiums are well worth the coverage payout.

Reliable advice, affordable price

Best Life Insurance believes finding the right insurance policy for our clients begins with listening. That’s why we meet with you to discover your needs and company goals before we suggest a policy. We personalize all of our policies to ensure your company’s life insurance policy is a perfect fit.

Our team has over 15 years of collective experience in the Industry. We are passionate about helping our clients get the protection they need at an affordable price. In addition, our team takes the time to answer all of your questions so you can learn the ins and outs of life insurance as a whole.

When you’re ready to insure your future and legacy, give Best Life Insurance a call and schedule a consultation.

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