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If you have someone in your life who is older, there are a couple of things that you may be thinking about. Of course, you don’t want them to pass away anytime soon, but it is something that is going to happen.

Death is a tough conversation, but a conversation that must be had. At Best Life Insurance Houston, we understand that funerals are hard to plan and can cost a lot of money. But you don’t have to push the planning till someone passes away; you can take some of that planning stress off your shoulders now.

Pre-Planned Funeral Arrangements, also known as Advanced Funeral Planning, is a service that we provide at Best Life Insurance. Families always have many questions and are not sure how to go about funeral planning and taking care of financial needs. So with this service, you can visit us, and our team will assist you in the pre-planning process.

Preplanning provides peace of mind for everyone involved.


Reasons for Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements

There are several different reasons why you and your family can start making funeral arrangements.

One of the main reasons for making plans early deals with financial costs. You may already know that funerals are quite expensive. That family member might have a list of things that they want to be done for their funeral or cremation, and of course, you must honor them.

When it comes to thinking about costs, you want to think about all the ways that you can control how much you’re spending. It is not required to start saving for a funeral, but this is something that many families do. They contribute funds and set those aside to be used towards the funeral. Our team understands that everyone’s financial needs and budgets are different, so we work with you on deciding what that will be.

We offer many different options that are focused on controlling funeral costs. This allows you to avoid emotional overspending, and you are guarantee today’s prices tomorrow.

In addition to thinking of cost, you want to be considerate of the emotions that other family members and friends will be having at that point in time. They might not be in the best position emotionally to make any funeral decisions once that person passes on. So, getting an early start and making the decisions before that time is a great idea.

   Pre-Planning Services

At Best Life Insurance, we are here to prepare for any funeral service that you decide on having.
There are two that you can choose from, the traditional service and the cremation service.

We are flexible. This is because we want to make sure you are comfortable and that everyone you want in the meeting is there. One of our Licensed Prearrangement Counselors can meet with you and your family in our office, in your home, or we can schedule a video meeting.

Take a look at both services, and then give us a call to schedule an appointment for your free planning guide.


Traditional Service

The service that most people are familiar with is the Traditional Funeral Service. This service involves getting the casket, conducting a service with or without viewing, and having a gathering with family and loved ones celebrating that person’s life.

You and your family have the choice of choosing the casket that will be used. Our team can assist you in choosing a budget for buying the casket. More elaborate caskets cost more money, and it is important to keep that in mind. In addition, you also have the choice of choosing the plot in which they are laid to rest; this is if they have not made that decision already. Our team will go over all the necessary cemetery costs and assist with budgeting that.

Next, where the service and family gathering is held is also your decision. There is a lot that goes into these sections of a funeral. So, it is important to have a conversation and speak about the locations and whether the body will be viewed or not.

As you start this process, our team will be alongside assisting with budgeting and little details that you may be missing.

Cremation Service

The second kind of service available is planning a cremation service. This is a different service in that the person who passes away will not be embalmed. Instead of being embalmed, they will be cremated, and the remains will be placed into an urn or container.

It is common to see that the family member has a preference as to whether they want to be embalmed or cremated. Ideally, this service would be simpler and less expensive, but it absolutely depends on what you and your family want.

You can make the decision as to whether you want to have a viewing before the body is cremated. With that being said, you would need to have a plan as to how you will inform other family members and friends. But this is completely optional.

There are usually no services involved except for a memorial service. During this service, you can decide if the remains should or shouldn’t be there. The last step will be deciding what you would want to do with the remains. Some families keep it in certain family members’ homeland others sometimes have it buried.

All of these decisions can be made and planned with other family members.

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Get started with Advanced Funeral Planning


At Best Life Insurance, the Advanced Funeral Planning service is one of our most sought-after services. We are able to offer this service with the help of the Homesteaders Life Company. Our job is to help you and your family gather important information and become better informed about the events that occur at the time of death.

So, sit and talk with your family about this service. Let them know that this is a service that is in the best interest of everyone, and that can be extremely helpful. Then get in contact with our team and schedule an appointment for Advanced Funeral Planning.

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