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Houston TX Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Are you wondering about Houston TX guaranteed universal life insurance that would benefit you and your family? It’s best to know what there is available to you before you come to a decision. The experts at Best Life Insurance Houston Agency can sit down with you to show you all your options.

They’ll answer any questions you may have and help alleviate any concerns you may have. Please stop by or contact us today as there are several life insurance policies out there. The key is choosing the one that best suits you and your family’s situation. The most common policies are whole or term life insurance plans.

Term life insurance is for people who are only looking for protection for a certain amount of time. It could go from anywhere between 10 to 30 years, depending on the policy. It’s the least expensive type of life insurance but doesn’t offer any cash value.

Whole life insurance is ideal for people who want a guaranteed death benefit and prioritize that over accumulating cash value. It’s a permanent life insurance plan where the death benefit and premiums won’t change at any point. However, if those aren’t quite right for your wants, there are also guaranteed universal life insurance plans.

These insurance plans are more focused on accumulating cash value, and each type of variant has a different way of doing so. The most conservative of the bunch is guaranteed universal life insurance.

Houston TX guaranteed universal life insurance

Find some flexibility with a guaranteed universal life insurance plan.

Houston TX Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance plans, or guaranteed universal life insurance, are another type of permanent life insurance. Like other permanent life plans, it will last for your lifetime, and the policy has a cash value. Like with whole life insurance, your premiums go toward both your death benefit and your cash value. You could even increase your death benefits if you go through with the medical examination.

However, there’s a slight difference. You have the option to change your death benefit and premium amounts later down the line.

What does that mean because a lifetime is a long time. Anything could happen tomorrow, next week, or even a year from now, not to mention a decade or two later. Universal life plans are designed so you can adjust depending on your changing situation. If your policy permits it, you could change your premium and death benefit amounts to suit you.

How does that work? Changing and adjusting the amount depends on whether your policy has enough cash value to back it up. Of course, you would need to pay the minimum premium to keep the policy in force, but if you have enough, you could substitute the premium with the cash value. You could let the accrued interest do the work for you until the cash value is depleted. 

What Makes It Guaranteed?

Compared to universal life plans variants, either index universal or variable universal life plans, most Houston TX guaranteed universal life insurance usually has a fixed interest rate. Your cash value is guaranteed to grow if you let it sit long enough.

Houston TX Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Live comfortably knowing about Houston TX guaranteed universal life insurance.

This plan s ideal for you if you need life insurance, are conservative, and want a guaranteed cash value with the potential for some additional interest credits. Of course, the interest rate may be subject to change, but it won’t go under a guaranteed minimum interest rate.

That’s why of the universal life plan variants, this is one of the most conservative. Take index universal life insurance, for example. Although there’s a bit more potential for growth since the insurance rate follows an index, a group of investments, of your choice, it could decrease just as much.

The way the cash value grows is dependent on the interest rate of the index. It could fluctuate positively or negatively, and your cash value will follow it.

Or look at variable universal life plans as another example. Ignoring why the name is a mouthful, how its cash value grows depends on how you invest it. And like all investments, there’s some risk that comes with it. Although it could increase more than the other two types, it could also decrease just as much.

This plan is the riskest option of the three, and although there’s great potential, it also has the most variables. You’ll need to assess how much risk you’re willing to take about your cash value.

So if you would rather not take such risks and bring back a guaranteed amount of cash value with a fixed interest rate, guaranteed universal life insurance is an optimal choice for you.

Are you having trouble coming to a decision?

Did you find that term or whole life insurance didn’t quite fit what you had in mind? Perhaps you wanted insurance that would last for the rest of your lifetime, which is why you discarded the term life plan option.

But perhaps you also wanted to build cash value so you could use it as a retirement supplement or something else. Whole life insurance isn’t the best choice for that but guaranteed universal life insurance is.

Or maybe you just wanted to be ready for whatever life tends to throw at you. Perhaps you were searching for a policy with flexible premiums that you could adjust to combat whatever financial situation happens in the future.

Houston TX Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

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That’s where universal life insurance plans excel. Unlike term insurance, it’s a type of permanent life insurance with a guaranteed death benefit. And unlike whole life insurance, it focuses on building cash value, not to mention it’s also more flexible in the long run.

Depending on which type of universal life plan you choose, whether that’s guaranteed, index, or variable, each has its way to grow its cash value. However, with guaranteed universal life insurance, you’ll be able to accumulate cash value without any significant losses.

Are you still wondering which choice you should make? Or are you wondering which best suits you and your family’s situation best? Don’t worry! If you have any questions regarding Houston TX guaranteed universal life insurance, ask the Best Life Insurance Houston Agency experts.

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