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Economical Life Insurance Quotes No Medical Exam | Houston TX

A Houston, TX life insurance quotes no medical exam policy is not as difficult to obtain as you might think. There are many different life insurance policies out there. Some one them may require you to take an exam, but there are instances when a medical exam is an option rather than a requirement.

At Best Life Insurance Houston Agency, we can help you determine what you are qualified for and offer a quote. We can discuss all your options and what you need to do to get the best price for you. Give us a call today.

Houston, TX life insurance quotes no medical exam

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Houston, TX Life Insurance Quotes No Medical Exam

When you are searching Houston, TX life insurance quotes no medical exam, you can get a lot of different information from many different companies. Some companies may promote that they have policies that are guaranteed qualification. However, there are pros and cons to going this route.

Best Life Insurance Houston Agency wants to help its clients. That includes ensuring they have all the information so our clients can make the best decision for themselves.

Depending on your lifestyle and current health status, you may be able to lower your rates if you choose to take a medical exam when one is not required. It is an incentive to help customers get the best rate.

Why Policies Require a Medical Exam

Many people wonder why a medical exam is needed in the first place for a life insurance policy. Well, insurance companies of any kind are involved with risk management. They have to put certain policies in place to protect against high risk. That does not mean that those who are considered to be high risk have no options. There are options, but they can come at a cost.

To put it plainly, life insurance is insuring someone’s life if they die. If there is a high risk that that person could pass away, insurance companies will need some kind of compensation to prepare to pay for that risk. While we do everything we can to lower the cost for people as much as possible, it is very possible that the cost of a policy without a medical exam could be more on the higher end.

Guaranteed Issue Insurance Policies

If you have already made the decision you do not want to take a medical exam or have been denied policies due to your health, there is still an option for you. We have a Guaranteed Issue Insurance policy that will give you the coverage you need to pay for final expenses.

This is not a policy we recommend to everyone. This is more of a last resort policy. There is a waiting period, the payout is not as high as other policies, and it can be a bit more expensive than other policies. That is why it is important to speak with us before you choose this policy. We want to go over all your options so you can make the best decision.

So if there is not a great payout for this expensive policy, who is this policy for? This policy is mainly for those who are terminally ill and can not get any other policy. Those who have cancer, are in hospice, have Alzheimer’s, are wheelchair-bound due to chronic illness, are on dialysis, have been diagnosed with HIV, or have a terminal illness will not be denied coverage with this policy.

This policy is exactly as the name states, it is a guaranteed issue policy. If you feel this is your only option, please give us a call. While we offer this policy, we want to make sure it is truly your only option before you choose to purchase it.

Houston, TX life insurance quotes no medical exam

Even if you have serious health concerns, you still have options.

Have You Considered a Simplified Issue Life Insurance Policy?

A simplified issue life insurance policy might be the solution you are looking for. It is a policy that only requires a short medical questionnaire. It is a fast assessment, and you can get a quote based on a moderate risk assessment. The cost will vary for each policyholder. Therefore, it is important to speak with an agent to get an accurate assessment.

A simplified issue policy can sometimes be for both term life policies and permanent policies. But be sure to speak with an expert for more information. There are a few instances where someone would need this type of policy. If someone has been ordered by the court to have an insurance policy with their children listed as beneficiaries, they may ask for a simplified issue policy.

If you are looking to get a loan, a life insurance policy can be used as collateral. This would be a fast and simple way to provide collateral to receive your loan. For those whose original policy has expired, you can sign up for this type of policy for a short time to figure out what you want to do next.

Those who are worried about qualifying for other policies may also consider this type of policy as an option. Last, those who simply do not wish to take a medical examination for personal reasons may be able to opt for this policy.

Contact Us For All Your Options

At Best Life Insurance Houston Agency, we do more than simply sell insurance policies. We want to help people. There are a lot of people who are in very difficult situations. They need help and it is our mission to do everything we can to help them in the best way we know how.

We know how important this is to you and your family. When you call us, we can provide a free quote for the policies you are interested in. We will go over all your options and help you determine which option will give you the most coverage for the lowest price. We can help you figure out what steps you can take to try and lower your premiums as much as possible.

Our agents are professional and friendly. You may call us, or you may visit our Houston location from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. We offer Saturdays by appointment only. If you search for Houston, TX life insurance quotes no medical exam , then get in touch with Best Life Insurance Houston Agency for more information.

Houston, TX life insurance quotes no medical exam

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