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Get Helpful Family Life Insurance Quotes | Houston, TX

Houston, TX family life insurance quotes

It’s better to plan ahead than to struggle later, so contact us today about our Houston, TX family life insurance quotes.

Though it is a difficult subject to approach for some, talking to a professional service about Houston, TX family life insurance quotes is a necessary step towards protecting your loved ones. Most people aren’t too keen on bringing up the subjects of life and death. However, those of us at Best Life Insurance Houston believe such a conversation is vital to your family’s future.

Though we all do our best to navigate life as smoothly as possible and try to account for all the possibilities, we know that isn’t feasible. Accidents happen, unexpected events interrupt lives, and your entire future could be uprooted in a single moment. We don’t bring this up to make you paranoid or fearful of life’s uncertainties, but instead, we do so to remind you that you can never plan too far ahead of yourself. We encourage you to take advantage of our services to make you feel at ease about the course of your life, no matter which direction it travels.

Choosing a life insurance plan can be confusing for those who haven’t considered it yet, but Best Life Insurance Houston is here to help. Call us to speak with one of our friendly representatives and learn about more of the services we offer.

Types of Family Life Insurance Policies

There are plenty of types of life insurance that may suit your lifestyle. Depending on your future plans, family situation, and general health condition, you may find that some are more effective and suitable for you than others. We’ll do our best to simplify some of the common types of life insurance so you can get an idea of what you might be choosing from when you speak to us about Houston, TX family life insurance quotes.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers a fixed amount of coverage for short periods. These are often much more affordable and great for younger families that want coverage for a specific amount of time.

Best Life Insurance Houston offers plans with 10-year, 15-year, 30-year, and temporary terms. After the end of your policy term, you can either renew your insurance or select another policy. Each term option has many possible uses and situations it can support. For example, a 10-year term is great for families with teens, terminally ill patients, and those with shorter-term loans.

Index Universal Insurance

Index universal insurance policies are a type of Permanent Life insurance. Although it offers many of the same perks you get with Whole Life insurance, they are not precisely the same. An Indexed Universal policy gives you the potential to earn a higher cash build-up and gain significant tax advantages.

How is this different from Whole Life insurance? The main difference is the level of risk involved when choosing Indexed Universal Life insurance. This type of insurance does not have a fixed interest rate. Your premiums may increase or decrease over time, depending on how the market evolves and changes.

However, these higher risks have a specific advantage: there is an excellent chance of earning a lot of value on your policy. If you want potentially high returns and to build cash from your insurance, an Indexed Universal Life insurance policy may be right for you. Even better, when it comes time to withdraw your savings, you’ll pay zero taxes on it. Best Life Insurance Houston can custom-tailor one of these policies to suit your planning and investment goals, so reach out to us today for a quote.

Houston, TX family life insurance quotes

Permanent Life insurance can earn significant cash build-up over the years.

Whole Life Insurance

Another type of permanent life insurance, Whole Life insurance policies are more traditional and pay out through death benefits. Like Indexed Universal Life insurance, it can accumulate savings with a cash value. However, the premium you pay for this type of insurance is a fixed rate that will never change.

There are plenty of benefits included with Whole Life insurance. For example, the policyholder is allowed to access their cash savings while they’re still alive. You can withdraw it, use it to invest in your family, or borrow against it if you wish. These withdrawals are also tax-free.

However, the cash value builds up at different rates depending on your premium and which company you pick. Also, withdrawing money from the policy reduces its cash value overall. If you’re not careful, you may destroy your future death benefits from too many withdrawals! To avoid this, speak to one of our friendly team members to help you understand how withdrawals will affect your policy’s value.

Important Information for Your Application

When contacting us, please provide as much information as possible about your current situation. We’ll ask a few questions that will help us better serve you. Information that you should gather before reaching out to us includes the following:

  • General information – this includes your name, marital status, e-mail, phone number, age, employer and how long you’ve worked for them, and if you have any children
  • Your goals – Please tell us about your short-term and long-term goals, both personal and career-wise, as well as how much income you’ll need monthly during retirement, what age you would like to retire, and what your plans for retirement are
  • Finances – We’d like to know if you currently have any life insurance or plans to help you should you become ill. We’ll also ask if you have current retirement plans such as a company match, 401k, or IRA. Wills, trusts, pre-planned funeral arrangements, or other savings plans are also important.

There are plenty of other questions, such as your income, current amount of debt, and mortgage, so please be as thorough as possible when answering our questionnaire. The more details you provide upfront, the faster we can direct you to a suitable policy.

Houston, TX family life insurance quotes

Speak with us today to learn how we can support your family’s future.

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