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The Most Incredible Employee AD&D | Houston, TX

Did you know that at Best Life Insurance Houston Agency, you can get the best Houston TX employee ad&d? Best Life Insurance Houston Agency is proud to provide all types of life insurance for all situations. Best Life Insurance Houston Agency offers term life insurance that you need and full life and AD&D coverage.

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Houston TX employee ad&d

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Prepare For Life

We at Best Life Insurance Houston Agency understand that life happens. One minute you are with your family and in full health. The next minute life may throw you a curveball you can’t dodge this time around.

If you pass on, your family might be struggling to pick up the pieces. They will be the ones who would be straddled with the debt and the expenses you’ll leave behind.

The situation can get even more tricky if you are a small business owner. Businesses can be fragile and unstable in the best of times; they may totter and fall completely in the worst of times. This can happen if your top employee is out of commission for good. Your business may struggle through financial hardship and lose hard-won profits in the process.

Keen on not leaving anything up to chance; you might be ready to buy life insurance. Life insurance covers finances, future savings, loans, medical needs, and other lifestyle needs. Life insurance also covers funeral expenses and arrangements so that when you or your loved ones pass on to a better place, you have a plan set up already that we can execute. That’s where we come in.

At Best Life Insurance Houston Agency, we offer a wide range of life insurance plans and services for any situation and every budget, including Houston TX employee ad&d life insurance. We offer personal and business life insurance and annuities, 401k plans, and advanced funeral arrangements. For accidental death and dismemberment, we can get you the ad&d insurance you need, before you need it.

Services We Offer

You or your loved ones’ worst nightmare has come to pass. A beloved family member or a hard-working employee has passed away, and you or they are left with the burden of financial obligations and outstanding debts and loans. With Best Life Insurance Houston Agency, we can plan ahead so that you can handle any of life’s curveballs when it comes. We offer basic life insurance, personal and business.


We offer six kinds of personal life insurance: Term Life, Index Universal Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Guaranteed Issue Insurance, and Special Considerations. These plans can help protect your family and give you the peace of mind you deserve should anything happen to you.

Our Term Life insurance plans can protect your family for a ten, fifteen, and 30-year period at an affordable price. A more extended period may be best for families with young children or new homeowners, while a ten-year plan is best for people with student loans. When permanent life insurance is untenable for your finances, a set term can be both affordable and practical.

Index Universal Insurance gives you permanent coverage that will last your whole life and builds cash value over time. With flexible premiums and tax-free deductions included, this insurance is perfect for those who want a higher cash build-up.

Like Index Universal Insurance, Whole Life Insurance also gives you permanent coverage with tax-free deductions and excellent cash rewards should you choose to sell. However, the premium is fixed, and unlike the Index Universal, Whole Life Insurance carries no risk. It will also build up a saving component; while the policyholder is alive, they can access the cash savings. When you withdraw, you can pull the total value of your paid premiums tax-free!

Guaranteed Issue Insurance provides you with financial coverage for end-of-life expenses and arrangements. Therefore, this type of insurance offers smaller payout amounts on death benefits than other policies. Most people who seek out this coverage are in poor health, elderly, or terminally ill. If you or your loved one is in this situation, this is the insurance for you.

Finally, Special Considerations insurance is for people with disabilities, special needs children, foreign nationals, or the chronic or terminally ill. Examples include the Special Needs trust for special needs children, HIV insurance and Nicotine Alternatives, Foreign Nationals, and Living Benefits. Living Benefits are for those under a “trigger” or set time to live scenario.

Houston TX employee ad&d

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Business Life Insurance

Best Life Insurance Houston Agency provides a full range of insurance options for small business owners. These include Buy/Sell Agreements, Keyman insurance, Executive Bonuses, Living Benefits, and general Employee Life Insurance. Secure your business’ legacy by protecting its employees!

Our Buy/Sell Agreement insurance plan will ensure that when you die, the company passes on to the leadership of people you can trust.

What if a top employee or executive dies and your company finds itself struggling financially? Keyman insurance protects your business from potential losses that may arise in that scenario.

Executive Bonuses offers coverage to your hard-working executives by providing a permanent life insurance policy that builds cash value.

Living Benefits is one of our supplemental life insurance plans, meant as an add-on or rider to other existing insurance plans. This will provide financial assistance to your employees during their final days.

Whatever your situation, we guarantee that these plans will help boost employee loyalty and reward your best workers. All eligible employees stand to benefit, and in the long run, this will protect your company and shield it from any undue hardship.

Houston TX employee ad&d

The Best Life Insurance agents have got you covered.

The Best Houston TX employee ad&d

We get it. Life happens. One minute everything is right as rain; the next moment, everything careens from one disaster to another. And in the end, your family may be struggling to pick up the pieces.

Eliminate the stress of guesswork, and don’t leave critical financial decisions up to chance! Whether you have a family or own a small business, planning ahead can only benefit you, your employees, and your loved ones.

As one of the top life insurance agencies, Best Life Insurance Houston Agency is committed to offering you the best life insurance plans at the best prices. So don’t hesitate and buy your Houston TX employee ad&d from Best Life Insurance Houston Agency!

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