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Houston TX Voluntary Employee Life

What is Houston, TX voluntary employee life insurance? It is a life insurance policy that a company offers to its employees on a voluntary basis. Employees do not have to take this package. However, if they do, the employee is responsible for paying for the policy.

When looking for a voluntary benefits package, a life insurance policy is a great one to add for your employees. More and more people today are looking for ways to invest in financial security and give their family’s a safety net.

Providing Houston, TX voluntary employee life insurance from Best Life Insurance Houston Agency for your employees is a great way for them to access that safety net and give some type of incentive to keep employees. To find out more information on our business life insurance policies, please give us a call. We are located in Houston and would be happy to discuss which policy would be best for your company.

Houston, TX voluntary employee life

You can experience more company growth when you offer potential employees Houston, TX voluntary employee life plans.

Who We Are and What We Do

Best Life Insurance Houston Agency is an insurance agency dedicated to providing the great Houston area with high-quality life insurance along with many other financial services. We understand that for many people, securing financial stability can be very difficult. Our goal is to provide more fulfilling alternatives to invest your money so that your money works for you, rather than you working for your money.

When you invest in a policy such as a life insurance policy, you get more than just death benefits for your loved one. You get the ability to use these benefits (depending on your policy) while you are still alive. We never know when life is going to come down on us, and we need to be prepared for it when it does.

When you work with Best Life Insurance Houston Agency, we can go through your criteria, whether it is personal or business insurance, and ensure that you have the coverage you need.

We provide many different insurance services. For businesses, we provide keyman insurance policies that can help protect your business if something were to happen with one of your most valuable employees. We also offer executive bonuses that are tax-deductible. Additionally, we offer Living Benefits riders that policyholders can add to their existing policy.

We also offer 401Ks, advanced funeral arrangements, and tax-free retirement plans. If you would like a quote, feel free to fill out our online form. Or, simply give us a call during our business hours. We would love to discuss how our policies can help your business and your employees.

Why Would You Want Houston, TX Voluntary Employee Life Insurance?

There are actually a lot of good benefits to offering employee life insurance. For one, it can prevent legal battles in the event of accidental death. In addition, it works as a great incentive for employees to join your company.

It makes employees feel more financially secure. It also helps them to get the insurance that they might not get otherwise since enrolling for insurance is much easier through a company. We have multiple different insurance plans that can work for your needs.

Not only are you benefiting your company by offering life insurance, but your employees will have more peace of mind. We believe that having a life insurance policy can help your business grow.

Our clients typically experience that their employees have more peace of mind if they get hurt on the job. There are a lot of liabilities out there that employees face. Depending on the policy offered, employees can borrow against their life insurance policy to help cover costs such as medical bills or lost wages. Paying for the policy is easy through payroll deduction.

Houston, TX voluntary employee life

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Executives are more protected from liabilities if an employee has the option to invest in this type of policy. We can make our policies affordable, so more of your employees are covered. Moreover, you have a better chance of a lower turnover rate at your company because you can offer these types of packages. If something were to happen to your employees, the premiums are worth the investment because the payout will be substantial.

Coverage Levels

There are a number of coverage levels available for companies to choose from. For instance, there is a basic term policy, dependent life policy, and supplemental life policy.

Basic term policies are meant to cover final life costs. These plans are very affordable and can provide the same amount of coverage as a basic life plan. The employee would only have to pay about 10% of their annual income.

A supplemental plan is for employees who want to add a bit of extra coverage to their basic plan. The employee would pay for the additional cost rather than the company.

Employees who have children and a spouse may want additional coverage. This additional plan can offer the same amount of coverage as their dependent term payout. Again, this will come at no extra cost to the company.

Lastly, we have business travel coverage. Companies require a lot of traveling with their business. Employers can offer a policy for their employees if their employee is ever injured or if there is accidental death while traveling.

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Here at Best Life Insurance Houston Agency, we want to give our clients life insurance that will help them throughout their lives. If you want help with employee life insurance, then we are the best ones to go to!

Give us a call or come to our Best Life Insurance Houston Agency location in Houston for more information on us and our insurance services. If you are looking for some Houston, TX voluntary employee life, then you can trust us at Best Life Insurance Houston Agency to get you the life insurance that you are looking for today.

Houston, TX voluntary employee life

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Fun Facts about Houston TX:

  • It was founded in 1836.
  • There are four professional sports teams.
  • Its total size is over 600 square miles.

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