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Houston TX Single Premium Whole Life

If you are looking for Houston TX single premium whole life, then look no further than your folks at Best Life Insurance Houston. We offer the most affordable rates in the whole insurance industry. We pride ourselves on giving you a premium service at an unbeatable price. Unlike other insurance companies that look to give you the most generalized plan possible, we tailor a plan that is suited for your exact needs.

A lot of people don’t want to think about the prospect of death. It can be a very frightening prospect to contemplate one’s early demise. We couldn’t stress the idea of preparing for any possible outcome anymore. It is not only the responsible thing to do when it comes to your family, but also yourself.

You can sleep well at night knowing you are protecting your family from financial hardship if you pass away.

The way it works is, you find the plan that is right for you. Then, you pay your premiums, and that’s it! Just sit back, relax and have the confidence that your family is in good shape financially if something were to happen to you.

Why Should You Choose Houston TX Single Premium Whole Life Insurance?

Houston TX single premium whole life

Need Houston TX single premium whole life insurance? Best Life Insurance Houston has you covered! Call us today!

We know this life insurance thing can be confusing. That’s why we are here to help you figure out all the tricky details of our whole life plan.

Whole Life Coverage. This is our premier life insurance policy, and it is the most commonly sought out plan by people inquiring about life insurance. The plan is named whole life because that is the amount of time you are covered for your whole life. Other plans may be more temporary, but why not employ the plan that guarantees your family financial security over your entire life span.

Monthly Premiums. When you sign up for a plan, you will pay monthly premiums during the whole life of your coverage. These premiums you pay may be a little higher than other premiums in other plans, but the slight price increase comes with excellent benefits that other plans lack. Paying these premiums on time each month guarantees your family to see a death benefit if you were to pass suddenly.

Cash Build-up. Whole life insurance builds up a saving component, sort of like a savings account subsequent to your insurance plan. The policyholder at any time can access this cash and make withdrawals from it while they are still living. This is an excellent option for those under Houston TX single premium whole life coverage.

But we wouldn’t advise touching your cash build-up too much because it lowers the policy’s cash value overall. Also, some policies stop death benefits for your family altogether if you withdraw too much money.

Other Types Of Life Insurance We Offer

Houston TX single premium whole life

Whole life insurance isn’t the only service we provide. Be sure to check out our other great coverage plans!

Term Life Insurance. Term life insurance differs from whole life insurance in that one is temporary, and one is permanent. Temporary insurance, like term life, is much cheaper than whole life insurance.

However, while you save some money, you get fewer benefits from this plan. There is no cash option for term life coverage, so you cant borrow against it.

Also, gone is the security of knowing that your family will be covered financially whether you pass away immediately or 50 years from now. Term life is for those with particular situations like someone in a late-stage illness or paying off a short-term loan.

Employee Life Insurance. This is a great coverage plan if an employer has a lot of employees working for them. This type of plan covers the employer from legal trouble if any accidental deaths occur. It also gives the employees peace of mind knowing their family is covered if they were to perish on the job.

This has an overall positive effect on morale in companies. Not only does it boost morale, but it lures potential hires because who doesn’t want to work for a company that offers free life insurance!

Annuities. Annuities are the income that people get when they retire. We have different types of annuities available. Fixed annuities are distributed to you in a periodic payment weekly or bi-weekly.

Variable annuities allow you to take out large sums of money, but you lose out on a fixed income. There are great options available for anyone wanting to enroll in an annuity plan. Call us today!

We Are Here To Guide You

We know death is such a difficult thing to envision, but it is a much-needed conversation that everyone needs to have. Just remember, you will not be going through this sensitive topic alone. Our top-notch professionals are standing by to help you navigate this life insurance matter. We have trained professionals who have worked their whole lives in the industry and know how to put your mind at ease.

If you are still asking yourself what plan you need, we have a form you can fill out to help guide you. All you need to do is answer the questions, and we will give you a call to consult you on which coverage best fits your needs.

These questions help us tremendously to pinpoint exactly what type of insurance fits your life. We don’t use a one policy fits all approach here at Best Life Insurance Houston.

Give Us A Call!

Houston TX single premium whole life

Give us a call so your family will be financially secure if anything were to happen to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to give us a call. If you would rather talk to one of our representatives, you can stop by our office. We are open Monday-Friday from 9-am through 5-pm.

Unlike other insurance companies that try to hide how much they charge, we are transparent with our prices. Get your free quote online!

We cant wait to hear from you and help you get a Houston TX single premium whole life coverage plan!

Houston Fun Facts: 

  • The population for Houston is well over 2.3 million residents.
  • Houston has been home to NASA’s mission control since 1965.
  • The mogul and philanthropist Howard Hughes died in Houston on April 5, 1976.

Not sure where to start? Fill out our unique form and we will find the best life insurance for you.