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Genuine Supplemental Employee Life Insurance | Houston, TX

At Best Life Insurance Houston Agency, discover genuine Houston TX supplemental employee life insurance plans! As an insurance company you can trust, Best Life Insurance Houston Agency is committed to offering your business the best employee basic life insurance. Learn more about the types of insurance we offer to small businesses.

Why Us?

Best Life Insurance Houston Agency understands that in your daily life, you’re all-too-familiar with Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will.

We all have expenses — food, water, clothing, shelter — to pay to survive, and everything we hold dear in our lives has financial needs to be met. Children must be educated and clothed, elderly family members must be cared for. Homes and transportation must be well-kept and maintained. We may have outstanding loans and debts to clear.

Unfortunately, life can be cruel, and it may be that your life’s journey may be cut off too soon. This would leave your family struggling under the burden of the debt we leave behind. If your family relies on your income, they won’t be able to meet financial obligations.

If you’re a small business owner, the case may be even more dire. Businesses can be even more unstable and uncertain in their daily running and expenses. You may wish to ensure your business’ legacy by providing life insurance to your part time or full time employees. This will help retain great talent and protect your business from potential financial crises.

You may also create a financial buffer in the event of a key employee or the owner’s death and reward executives with tax-deductible bonuses. You would foster company loyalty and make sure your business stays on top.

Life insurance can cover finances like loans, medical needs, future savings, and even funeral arrangements. As the top Houston TX supplemental employee life insurance provider, Best Life Insurance Houston Agency provides the most appropriate life insurance for your personal or financial situation.

Houston TX supplemental employee life

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Types of Life Insurance


At Best Life Insurance Houston Agency, we offer six different types of personal life insurance: Term Life insurance, Index Universal Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Guaranteed Issue Insurance, Living Benefits, and Special Considerations.

Term Life insurance protects your family for a ten, fifteen, or 30-year period depending on your financial situation. Families with small children and new homeowners may benefit from the fifteen or 30-year plan, while people with short-term loans like student loans may benefit from a ten-year plan.

Index Universal Insurance can give you permanent coverage that builds cash value over time. These include flexible premiums and tax-free deductions.

Whole Life Insurance offers permanent coverage at a fixed premium and tax-free deductions. You get great cash rewards if you choose to sell.

Guaranteed Issue Insurance is best for covering end-of-life expenses, no matter your health condition.

Finally, the Special Considerations plan provides disability insurance or financial help for special needs children and the terminally ill.


We offer four different types of life insurance for businesses at Best Life Insurance Houston Agency. These include Buy/Sell Agreement, Keyman insurance, Executive Bonuses, and Living Benefits. All of these provide life insurance benefits for employees in your business.

Buy/Sell Agreement insurance ensures that your company is in hands you can trust in case of the owner’s death or disability. Whoever you choose will be the new owner of the company and must ensure all will receive their share of the company.

Keyman Insurance helps protect your company from potential losses that may occur when a key employee or top performer passes way. Don’t leave it all up to chance!

Executive Bonuses insurance rewards your top executives by providing them with a permanent life insurance policy that builds cash value over time. This will boost employee loyalty, benefit eligible employees, and help retain key talent.

Living Benefits insurance is a little different from other insurance plans. Life Benefits is a way to access some of your death benefits while you are still alive. It is considered a rider, or an add-on, to other existing insurance plans.

Unlike Whole Life Insurance and other insurances, this rider doesn’t accumulate money over time. The only build-up, then, would be from the premieres that you pay for your standard life insurance policy.

When you pull money with the Living Benefits rider, you diminish your death benefits (the payout your beneficiary would receive after you pass away). As a supplemental life insurance plan to your employees’ existing insurance plan(s), Living Benefits will provide your employees with financial assistance during their final days.

Don’t leave the fate of your business up to chance. Consider buying employee life insurance with Best Life Insurance Houston Agency today!

Houston TX supplemental employee life

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Plan Ahead

Best Life Insurance Houston Agency also offers pre-planning funeral arrangements and services, as well as traditional and cremation services. This latter can be a painful conversation to get through.

We understand funerals are hard to plan and can cost a lot of money. When death does occur, you or your loved ones may not be in the right frame of mind to be thinking of logistics or even making complicated decisions.

With our pre-planning funeral arrangements, you can make key financial decisions and arrangements with all the clarity and time you need. That way, when it comes time to decide on traditional funeral services, we can act on the plan you set up quickly and efficiently.

We at Best Life Insurance Houston Agency are committed to streamline the process and offer the best benefit plans you can get. We are here to guide you every step of the way to choosing the advanced funeral arrangement that is right for you.

Houston TX supplemental employee life

We are proud to serve Houston, offering them peace, security, and freedom.

Houston TX supplemental employee life insurance plans

We understand that life can give you more lemons and curveballs than boxes of chocolate. Oftentimes we or our loved ones pass on before our time, and the rest are forced to make important financial decisions and arrangements clouded by the tumult of grief.

Best Life Insurance Houston Agency offers a wide range of insurance plans and funeral arrangements that is right for you. No matter your personal situation or business, we at Best Life Insurance Houston Agency can help you protect what you love and cherish most.

If you have any questions, make sure to call us or drop in. Avoid the stress and hassle by choosing Best Life Insurance Houston Agency as your Houston TX supplemental employee life insurance company!

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