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Consider Business Life Insurance Plans for Your Employees | Houston TX

Providing Houston TX business life insurance is a great way to invest in your employees. At Best Life Insurance Houston Agency, we can help you find life insurance policies that are affordable and that your employees can rely on.

These days there is a lot of competition in seeking high-quality workers. Keeping those workers can be even harder. Many companies can have high turnover rates simply due to employees finding companies that offer better pay and provide better benefits.

No one can really blame people for doing that. As a business owner, you are selling your positions just as much as employees are selling their experience. Therefore you want to give employees some kind of incentive to want to work for your company and stay with your company. What makes your company different from the other companies out there promoting their positions and benefits?

One of the things that can set your company apart from others is the fact that you provide benefits, including Houston, TX business life insurance. As more and more people have families, they want some kind of security not just for themselves but for their families.

Many families have been devastated by the loss of a loved one. Then add the cost of medical bills, funeral costs, and lost wages on top of that. It can be extremely hard for families. So why not give your employees incentive and their families peace of mind with a life insurance policy?

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Houston TX business life insurance

A Houston TX business life insurance can provide peace of mind for your employees and a lower turnover rate for your company.

Houston, TX Business Life Insurance

Providing life insurance policies for employees seems to be a crucial component that many businesses seem to skip out on when creating a benefits package. Providing life insurance to your employees could be the deciding factor someone needs to accept employment at your company.

Without enough employees, it can be difficult to keep up with the competition. Today, people are becoming more and more critical of where they work. Benefits packages are often a large deciding factor in where to go.

You can provide your employees with an affordable policy that will give your company that edge in finding and keeping your employees. At Best Life Insurance Houston Agency, we can provide a basic term policy, supplemental life, and dependent life policies.

Our basic policies offer enough coverage for final life costs. You can offer to pay the entire amount or have your employees pay part of the cost.

Some employees may feel they need extra coverage for medical bills, credit card bills, and other expenses. For them, we offer a supplemental life policy. This coverage is an add-on to help cover those costs. Additionally, there is no extra cost to the employer for those that want extra coverage.

For employees who want coverage for their children and other dependents, we can offer a dependant life policy. Again there is no extra cost to the company to pay for additional policies for individuals who want extra coverage.

If your company requires a lot of traveling, there is a greater risk for your employees. The more people travel, the more there is a risk of injuries and even accidental death, especially if they are traveling long distances. Companies that need their employees to travel can offer life insurance.

Houston TX business life insurance

Ask yourself where your company would be without your key person.

Protect Your Employees, Protect Your Company

Providing life insurance policies is a great way to invest in your employees. If you invest in the well-being of your employees, the more you are investing in the well-being of your company.

There are several ways to invest in your employees other than just providing life insurance benefits packages.

We offer keyman insurance policies. If you have an employee that is extremely valuable, losing them could have devastating consequences on the company. Many companies struggle to stay afloat due to that one employee that makes a significant amount of money for them.

With keyman insurance, you can protect your assets and keep your business running while dealing with losing that key person.

We offer term and permanent keyman policies. Term policies can be set for one year, ten years, or even thirty years. Term policies are perfect for those whose key person is usually close to retirement.  This policy will often offer lower premiums and are more affordable. Therefore, this is perfect for smaller companies.

Companies that are more established and have a key person that is going to be with the company for many years often choose permanent policies. These policies also build cash over time. Therefore, you can cash in the policy and receive a substantial amount.

What Else Do We Offer

There are a lot of benefits you could offer your employees to provide them financial security and provide your company with a stable turnover rate. More and more companies are looking for people who will stick with their company for many years. Employees often leave to go to a company that can offer them more in return for the work they provide. Therefore, if you can provide substantial benefits packages, this could help keep employees from leaving in the long run.

This, in turn, will save you more money from having to continue trying to find employees spending time interviewing them and training them.

Show your employees you appreciate what they do and the skills they bring to the table. Not only can we provide life insurance policies, but we can provide 401Ks and tax-free retirement plans. You provide peace of mind in case the worst happens and help invest in your employees’ future when it comes time to retire.

By investing in your employees, you strengthen your company and your brand. People will have more incentive to stay loyal to your company and give their very best when working for you.

People in the workforce are looking for companies that care about them. Show them by providing a Houston TX business life insurance policy.

Houston TX business life insurance

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